Cruz 1200 Foil complite (50cm)

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Endless play time.

Building on our extensive knowledge and over twenty years of experience in working with carbon and stainless steel components, we are proud to introduce a brand new Cruz foil. 

The Cruz 1200 is an easy to use freeride foil with high lift at low speed. Ideal foil for beginners, but this versatile wing design goes far beyond. The 1200 is great for cruising with gradual and predictable acceleration. It inspires confidence with great stability in moderate and higher speeds while staying playful and easy to maneuver in low speed. It is at home in small waves and prone with a true surf feel. The 1200 allows for smaller kite size and is a session saver when the wind drops. Definitely a winner in any quiver.

Cruz 1200 set includes:

  • Cruz Mast 90 cm or 70 cm or 50 cm
  • Cruz 1200 Front Wing and cover
  • Cruz 220 Rear Wing and cover
  • Cruz 69 Fuselage
  • Cruz Base Plate

Mast length: Cruz 1200 set weight:
50 cm 3.2 kg
70 cm 3.5 kg
90 cm 3.8 kg

Cruz 1200 floats with all CrazyFly foil boards.

Spare parts:

Cruz 1200 Masts
50 / 70 / 90 cm

Cruz 1200 Front Wing
Wingspan: 617 mm
Wing surface area: 1200 cm2

Cruz 220 Rear Wing
Wingspan: 376 mm
Wing surface area: 220 cm2

Cruz 69 Fuselage
Aluminium fuselage 69 cm

Cruz Base Plate
Hole spacing: 165 x 90 mm

Cruz foil series and parts are not compatible with full carbon Master, Up and Shorty foil.

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