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The Quantex is a great all-around wave board that will feel comfortable in all types of waves. In onshore conditions, you will benefit from turbocharged planing as well as plenty of speed to navigate flatter sections of the wave. The chamfered tail design allows the board to perform tight critical moves in the pocket. It also handles choppier conditions more effectively due to the progressive double concave which absorbs chops and

stabilizes the rear end of the board. The Quantex is suitable for intermediate to expert riders, looking for a board that is easy to control, yet can be tuned to shred in all conditions.

The Quantex design story told by Simmer Style Board Designer, Ola Helenius:


A question that has stayed with us since the Cortex came around: Who should have the Quantum and who should have the Cortex? The question is unsurprising with two such prominent boards for less than perfect conditions in the range, each with its own fanbase. Now the dilemma is resolved! As obliged by the name, the new Quantex ticks the box as both an easy-to-use and effective wind swell board while still being whippy and exciting when pushed harder.


In the Quantex, we have combined everything we have learned so far about fast and effective and still turny rockers and how different outline curves and tail shapes can fine-tune the ride character of a board. The result is an all-round wave board that will not only turn the most average wave break into an exciting playground, but also thrive when the conditions are on!


The new Quantex has a firm genetic baseline going back to the Cortex in the smaller sizes, while the largest size , in particular the 109, has a stronger Quantum heritage. The outline has more drop shape than the Cortex, but keeps the winger design - our proven trick for combining bottom turn looseness with top turn grip. The chamfered tail shape is the last little detail that ignites the turn initiation even further. Compared to the Quantum, the smaller versions of the Quantex is several classes more lively and exciting while still being super easy and effective in the planing department. The bigger Quantex sizes keep the well know performance of the Quantum but add a snappier feel and better high-speed performance. While the 109 keeps the single to double concave bottom shape of the Quantum, the other sizes have a rocker that is based of the Cortex, that in turn goes back to the super fast and effective rocker from the special Peahi wave board developed for Kai Katchadourian. The semi short tails, with cut-off edges and a small center swallow, gives a snappy bottom turn and lets the boards keeps its top turn speed in tight turns, despite the fast rocker. The nose shape has been optimized to allow a long rail line for stability in drawn-out turns, while still being compact enough to fit in tighter spots. Overall, all sizes of the new Quantex work as all-round wave boards with particularly high performance in wind swell conditions. Compared to the Quantum, the Cortex however opens up a better performance spectrum in a steeper and faster wave, where the shorter shapes fit better.

The Quantex is the one board solution; super easy and effective in tricky conditions while still being lively with a mean turn.


Get it on with the Quantex!


size length width fins finbox sail weight
79 217 57.5 Tri 2 x M105 + BT170 5 x slotbox 3.4-5.0 6.3 kg
85 218 59.0 Tri 2 x M105 + BT180 5 x slotbox 4.0-5.3 6.4 kg
92 223 60.5 Tri 2 x M105 + BT180 5 x slotbox 4.2-5.6 6.5 kg
99 223 62.0 Tri 2 x M105 + BT190 5 x slotbox 4.2-5.9 6.6 kg
109 228 64.2 Tri 2 x M105 + BT200 5 x slotbox 4.2-6.2 6.7 kg


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