Klokhouse Noseless Custom. 5´0"

Pris fra. Finner og pads bestilles separat.

  • Artnr: 20-00366

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

A high performance surfboard but in a smaller package

The Klokhouse Noseless is our most allround wave kiteboard. By removing the nose of the board, it becomes easier to throw around as there is less swing weight. Secondly, traveling is made easier as the boards will fit in most kite bags. The overall performance of the board is almost identical to the normal Klokhouse performance surfboard.

It’s like kitesurfing on your everyday surfboard. It has the same flex, weight and feel that everyone loves when surfing. Now available in a board that can cope with the board abuse that kitesurfing brings. Especially in the carbon version, the weight will be even lower than a normal PU-poly board.

KHKNS Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight*
5’0″ 18.00″ 2,05″ 20.5 L <70 KG
5’2″ 18.50″ 2,15″ 22.5 L <70 KG
5’3″ 18.75″ 2,20″ 23.8 L 70-85 KG
5’4″ 19.00″ 2,25″ 25.0 L >85 KG
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