• Artnr: 14-00096

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The WOO detects jumps by tracking and analyzing your motion. To do this, it fuses data from the 9-axis motion sensor to understand orientation in space and the accelerations acting on it. It is able to categorize your riding into distinct phases of motion: inactivity, riding, jumping, landing or crashing and so forth.

The WOO analyzes acceleration and rotations on the board to detect jumps and calculate their characteristics. As you ride, the WOO stores your jump data, so that when you have a moment not riding, everything is ready to be synced with your phone.

The WOO is designed to be placed close to the center of your board for board sports, or on the back of your ski-boot for skiing, in order to properly gather information on your jumps and rotations. The sensor measures the vibration and can detect when you've become airborne. Once in the air, 9-axis rotational sensors study and calculate your movements until you make contact with the water again.

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